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Bid farewell to lackluster landscapes and welcome a renewed landscape. At Arbor Doctors, LLC, our tree and shrub fertilization treatments don't just replenish soil nutrients – they breathe new life into your trees and shrubs, awakening them to their fullest potential. Say hello to lush foliage, stronger root systems, and a Missoula landscape that radiates natural beauty.

Expert care for your home or business

At Arbor Doctors, LLC, we take pride in providing expert care for your trees and shrubs, including comprehensive fertilization treatments tailored to meet the unique needs of your landscape. With our deep-root feeding methods and precise nutrient application techniques, we guarantee that your greenery receives the highest level of care and attention.

We diagnose nutrient needs and soil capacity

As a comprehensive plant health care company, one of our first steps in the fertilization process is to diagnose the specific nutrient needs of your trees and shrubs and assess the capacity of your soil to support healthy growth. By conducting thorough soil tests and assessments, we can determine the precise nutrient requirements of your landscape and tailor our fertilization treatments accordingly.

Tree fertilization

We give your soil the nutrients it needs for strong-growing trees. The soil in Montana isn't always the most nutrient-rich, so we offer nutrient soil enhancement. We utilize deep-root feeding methods to deliver essential fertilizers directly to the roots of your trees and shrubs, enriching the surrounding soil with the nutrients necessary to support healthy growth and vitality. By replenishing soil nutrients and promoting healthy growth, our fertilization treatments ensure that your trees and shrubs receive the nourishment they need to thrive in their environment.

A green plant sprouting out of the soil.

Your backyard landscape deserves it

Elevate the beauty of your backyard landscape in Missoula County, Montana, with Arbor Doctors, LLC, professional tree services, and plant health care. Our goal is to transform your backyard into a lush and healthy thriving oasis. Trust Arbor Doctors, LLC, to nurture your landscape, ensuring it remains healthy and vibrant year after year.

Invest in the health of your landscape.

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