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It’s no secret that deer can devour a garden and landscape in a short amount of time. Don’t let deer destroy your plants and shrubs. On top of that, don’t let our harsh winters take a toll on your landscape. At Arbor Doctors, LLC, we go the extra mile to ensure year round plant health care. Get the help of Arbor Doctors, LLC, for deer and winter protection throughout the Bitterroot Valley and Mission Valley area. Your favorite greenery will survive the brutal conditions and emerge vibrant in spring.

Tree protection from deer

Are you concerned about deer wreaking havoc on your beloved plants? Fear not. At Arbor Doctors, LLC, we offer reliable deer-repellent services to protect your ornamental plants in the Missoula area. Our specialized treatment creates a barrier that deters deer from munching on your greenery, ensuring your favorite flowers and shrubs remain unscathed. Take proactive steps this season to safeguard your plants from deer.

Winter tree protection

Ensure your plants thrive year-round with our comprehensive winter protection services. Montana winters are tough, but Arbor Doctors, LLC has you covered with our winter protection for plants. Our treatments shield your landscape from the harsh cold and prevent winter-related wind damage.

Winter injury to trees and shrubs

An example might include freezing ground conditions that can leave roots unable to access water, resulting in dehydration as trees rely on stored water in their leaves. We have protective barriers and measures that reduce water loss through evaporation, offering an effective solution for winter tree protection.

A deer is standing in a wooded area.

Choose Missoula’s favorite arborist

Regarding tree and plant care in Missoula and surrounding areas, Arbor Doctors, LLC is the community's top choice. With a great personality and a knack for getting along with everyone, we approach every job with diligence and professionalism. Whether you need shrub health care, arboreal pest control, ornamental pruning, or fertilization and growth regulation treatments, Arbor Doctors, LLC is here to provide expert landscape care and ensure your satisfaction every step.

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