Who Offers Plant Pest Control Services in the Missoula & Florence, MT Areas?

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Thank you for visiting the website of Arbor Doctors. We provide tree growth regulator treatment, plant disease control and plant health services in Missoula, Florence, MT and surrounding areas.

Please use the form on this page to email us. You can also call 406-317-1629 to learn more about our work.

We provide Specialty Plant Health Care services with the goal of achieving optimal plant health while minimizing adverse effects on our environment. By managing landscapes we can help prevent future infestations and outbreaks. Use the form below for Email or call us now.

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Trees help clean the air we breathe, filter the water we drink and provide a diverse habitat.

We love the outdoors and want to conserve and protect trees and plants. If there's a way we can save a sick or dying tree, we'll find it. Nature gives us so much, we should give a little back. It's up to us to protect our fragile environment and we will always do our part here at Arbor Doctors Montana. By working together, we can all make a difference.

If you need help or advice, do not hesitate to contact us. We want to help you and enjoy sharing our knowledge with others.