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Keep the trees you want and preserve the beauty you’ve loved all these years with our comprehensive tree and plant health care. For now, we’re talking about the advantages of using growth regulator treatments from Arbor Doctors, LLC. These growth regulator treatments can create optimal growth conditions and a healthier landscape.

What are tree and plant growth regulators?

To safeguard trees from excessive pruning or the need for complete removal, Arbor Doctors, LLC can implement tree growth regulators (TGRs). These specialized treatments effectively control tree growth, minimizing the necessity for extensive pruning while preserving the tree's natural form and structural integrity.

Our tailored treatment plans

We target concerns like insufficient water absorption and drought protection measures. Whether regulating healthy growth or enriching the soil with essential nutrients, our expertly formulated plans ensure your landscape thrives with optimal health and vitality. By choosing the help of an arborist for your landscape, you’re giving your trees and plants the best care they need to flourish in their surroundings.

Regulate healthy growth

After careful assessments, we deliver treatments that will regulate and control the growth of your trees, ensuring they develop in a healthy and balanced manner. By slowing down excessive growth, we encourage trees to allocate more resources toward building strong roots. Essentially, this treatment encourages trees to redirect their energy towards building nutrient reserves and strengthening their internal structure instead of continuing to grow outward. It’s a proactive measure to maintain tree health and prevent future issues.

Preserve older, declining trees

For older or declining trees, our growth regulator can be a game-changer. These treatments help slow down the aging process, allowing them to continue thriving for years. It may just save a tree that you were considering having removed.

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