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In Missoula and Lolo, Montana, our approach to arboreal pest control centers around implementing an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program. Leveraging this method allows us to effectively detect insect infestations and tailor treatment strategies to address specific pests commonly found in trees.

Tree insect infestation detection

In Missoula, Montana, residential tree pest control is needed to maintain the health and beauty of local landscapes. Common pests in our area, such as Ash aphids, Balsam twig aphids, spider mites, Juniper scale, and Poplar borers, can wreak havoc on trees if left unchecked. To combat these threats, homeowners in Missoula rely on us to employ integrated pest management (IPM) techniques.

Using IPM for pest management and arbor pest control

For arborists like ourselves, Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is not just a concept but a practical strategy we implement for the preservation of trees and plants while respecting our environment. We've shifted from relying solely on pesticides to implementing IPM, which involves a holistic approach to the care of plants and trees in the Missoula area.

At Arbor Doctors, LLC, we scout for harmful pests, establish thresholds for intervention, and utilize a range of control measures. Only when necessary do we turn to targeted pesticide applications, always applied judiciously as spot treatments. 

Our goal is to control pest populations at levels that do not harm your trees and plants. Instead of resorting to indiscriminate pesticide use, we like to prioritize IPM methods that are effective and eco-friendly. 

A white spittle bug on a plant with green leaves.

All insects aren’t bad; healthy tree insect control

Did you know certain insects play a crucial role in natural pest control? Lacewings, ladybugs, and syrphid flies are among the beneficial predators that help keep local plant pests like aphids, scale, and mites in check.

Our professional arborist loves to educate clients

Hire Missoula’s friendly arborist who’s knowledgeable and loves to share this knowledge. With Arbor Doctors, LLC, you can enjoy reliable care and diligent customer service year after year. We love what we do, which is evident in our approach to your landscape care.

Get responsible pest control for trees.

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