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At Arbor Doctors, LLC, we understand that maintaining the health of your trees and shrubs is essential to preserving plants and keeping your landscape beautiful. Our arboreal services are designed to address a wide range of plant health issues, ensuring that your trees and plants are thriving.

Precise diagnosis and treatment

Our certified arborist is an expert in diagnosing insect infestations, diseases, and nutrient deficiencies that may affect your trees and shrubs. Through thorough assessments and advanced diagnostic techniques, we identify the root causes of plant health issues and implement tailored treatment plans to address them effectively.

Customized treatment solutions

Arbor Doctors, LLC offers a variety of treatment options to combat plant health concerns, including isolated pesticides, nutrients, and tree injections. Whether your trees require targeted pest control measures or specialized nutrient supplementation, we have the expertise and resources to provide the necessary care.

Integrated pest management (IPM) Program

A big part of our plant health care services includes an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program, a comprehensive maintenance plan for your landscape. Through regular scouting and assessments, we identify infestations and risk factors early on, allowing us to treat and protect your trees and shrubs proactively.

Nutrient deficiency management

Many plant health issues stem from micronutrient deficiencies in the soil. Arbor Doctors, LLC specializes in identifying and addressing these deficiencies with effective tree and shrub fertilization, giving your trees and shrubs the essential nutrients they need to thrive.

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Tailored maintenance plans

We understand every property is unique with unique plants, so you can expect each approach to be customized. Our typical plan includes five visits throughout the year, with the frequency adjusted based on seasonal threats and weather conditions. At Arbor Doctors, LLC, we are committed to providing exceptional services for diagnosis and detection, treatment, and maintenance for comprehensive tree and plant health.

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