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At Arbor Doctors, LLC, we are licensed and certified arborists in the State of Montana, and we are your go-to for plant health care throughout Missoula, MT and the Bitterroot Valley. Specializing in diagnosing and treating various plant health issues, including insects, diseases, nutritional deficiencies, and soil concerns, we are dedicated to improving the health and vitality of your trees and shrubs.

Tree and shrub health care

Get year-round tree healthcare with Missoula’s favorite arborist. From diseased tree care to tree fertilization, we handle it all.

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Tree and plant growth regulator treatments

Get tailored treatments to optimize the growth and vitality of your trees and plants, promoting resilient and vigorous vegetation.

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Arboreal pest control

Safeguard your trees from destructive insects and pests throughout the season with our effective tree pest control services.

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Tree and shrub fertilization

Enhance the nutrient intake and health of your trees and plants with our expert fertilization treatments, customized to meet your landscape's specific needs.

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Deer and winter protection

Protect your plants from deer and winter damage with our deer repellent and hoarfrost protection that helps preserve the beauty and health of your landscape.

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Ornamental pruning

Rely on Arbor Doctors, LLC to handle your ornamental pruning to maintain the health and structural integrity of your trees and shrubs.

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Our Customers Love Us

5 Star Rating Image
Adam has been very thorough and attentive to our trees and shrubs. He is very experienced at addressing pests, diseases and feeding all trees and shrubs. After one season of his treatments, our trees look happy and healthier than before, and not stressed by the summer heat! His responsiveness and communication also deserves 5 stars!
Elena H
Adam has been doing our trees for 3 years. They are very healthy. He knows his insects and sees them way before I would. He’s always made time for us and is very professional. Don’t know what we’d do without him. Thanks Adam
Sparre S
Adam is very responsive and really great at taking care of our fruit trees. He customizes his treatments to our specific needs and thoroughly explains what’s necessary! He cares deeply about both his customers and his customers plants! Highly recommend!
Sydney C

Why choose our plant health care company?

Responsive & reliable

We answer your phone call and make ourselves available when you need us. Our services are well known for their reliability and diligence, and we go above and beyond to provide personalized tree health solutions for Missoula County residents and business owners.

Friendly & loves to educate

With Arbor Doctors, LLC, you’ll get a welcoming customer experience. We love nothing more than sharing our knowledge with residents concerned about their plants and trees. From explaining the intricacies of tree biology to offering tips for optimal tree maintenance, we are dedicated to empowering you with the information you need to make informed choices about your tree care.

Free consultations

Are you curious about the health and vitality of your trees? How can our services benefit your landscape? Take advantage of our free consultations.

Keeping Missoula, MT beautiful with our expert plant health care

Be sure to give your trees the care they deserve. For Missoula area residents concerned about the health of their trees, Arbor Doctors, LLC provides specialized plant healthcare services tailored to enhance tree vitality, resilience, and pest control. 

Our tree growth regulator treatments, for example, are designed to address issues such as inadequate water intake, strengthening tree roots, and improving overall health. Additionally, we offer nutrient soil enhancement services focused on enriching the often nutrient-deficient soil in Montana. Through deep-root feeding techniques, we can deliver essential fertilizers directly to the tree roots, enriching the surrounding soil and fostering optimal tree health. 

Last but not least, our pest control for trees is in line with EPA-recognized Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program methods. IPM is an environmentally friendly approach to address unwanted pests and insects affecting trees and shrubs in our communities.

We Proudly Serve These Nearby Areas

tree care at its best

At Arbor Doctors, LLC, we provide comprehensive care for your trees and shrubs. With a deep understanding of local plant species and their unique needs, our certified arborist offers aesthetic trimming and ornamental pruning for all your plants and shrubs.

From targeted tree pruning to specialized pest and disease management treatments, our services are designed to enhance the long-term health and resilience of your ornamental trees and shrubs. 

Whether you're a homeowner looking for advice on how to best maintain your backyard landscape or a thriving business owner in Missoula wanting the best-looking property around, our expert care at Arbor Doctors, LLC, and personalized attention to every plant is something you’ll appreciate.

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