About Arbor Doctors Montana

After many years of working with other plant and tree health care companies we noticed the skill and attention to detail was lacking. Cookie cutter one size fits all programs didn't really work.

Our love of the outdoors and for a natural environment inspired us to take a more comprehensive approach. We can improve the health of trees and shrubs by creating tailored programs unique to each client and their landscape. Our goal is to preserve the natural environment.

We do this by utilizing treatments engineered to control problem insect and mite pests while preserving the natural predatory and beneficial insects that are common on every property. Staying up to date in our knowledge with the latest arboricultural (management and study of individual plants) issues, insects, diseases and their favorable habitats helps us create a safe, healthy treatment.

Arbor Doctors offer a variety of services tailored to your needs. From controlling insects, mites and diseases to specialty nutrient and soil enhancements we improve the overall health of your plants, giving you a beautiful healthy landscape. We also offer specialty treatments to help preserve feature trees, declining trees, and trees impacted by construction damage and other stress.

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